Red Wing

Sport the shoes that’ve been around for 150 years. Not many shoe companies, let alone any company, can claim this. Wrap your mind around this little fact, when Red Wing Shoes first started making boots, horse buggies were the mode of transportation.

Red Wing Shoes first introduced it’s boot in 1905, which sold for an astounding $1.75. Although many things have changed from it’s 150-years of existence, Red Wing Shoes have held steadfast in it’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, durability and overall comfort.

Red Wing Shoes now makes a wide variety of footwear ranging from men’s and women’s boots, casual shoes, clogs, dress casuals, slip-ons, and not to mention work shoes and boots. If you’ve been around as long as Red Wing Shoes, you know you’re putting out quality shoes with 150 years of experience behind them.

Just a Few Styles From Red Wing

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